By Lisa

Please Note Time Change! On Tuesday, we learned that our event was planned during the funeral for Officer Raetz. Out of respect for the Officer, his family and the Police Department, our event will be held Saturday, May 25th at NOON. 

Late Saturday afternoon, Brian and I were preparing for a long overdue date night. Our babysitter was on the way and I was in the bathroom getting ready when I received the text about Brad’s accident. I ran into the kitchen and showed Brian. He immediately started contacting his co-workers and verified the news of Brad’s condition. Even though I didn’t personally know Brad and Brian had only worked with him a couple times, Brad’s death has hit our family and our “Fire Family” hard.

There are two CrossFit Boxes in the valley that are owned by Phoenix Firefighters: Incendia and SpartanFit CrossFit. Early Sunday morning we were in contact with each other because we felt we needed to do something to honor Brad as a fellow firefighter and as part of the Fire Family. Because we both own gyms, we have the space to do something special and access to awesome communities that can make a difference. We decided to host a Memorial WOD for Brad Harper together to try to raise funds for Brad’s family.

We’re CrossFitters so we WOD in memory of fallen heroes, but this isn’t about CrossFit and it isn’t about the WOD for us. We hope to create an opportunity for fellowship and provide a venue for everyone to get together to grieve and mourn the loss of a Brother.

We are charging $10 for people that want to WOD and we’ll accept donations from anyone that would like to just come and hang out (you don’t have to be a member of SpartanFit or Incendia and you don’t have to work out). The event is open to the public. You can sign up online or you can pay at the door. You can also donate through PayPal if you’re unable to attend the event.

We hope you can join us as we honor Brad Harper (#2640) who was only 23 years old when he died in the line of duty after an accident on 5/18/13. The fundraiser begins @ 9am. We’ll keep the gym open as long as people need us to.

Brad Harper Memorial WOD
5 Rounds: 18 Kettlebell Swings, 13 Burpees, 23 Wall Balls


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