August 31, 2013

“Tragedy struck on June 30 when members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots team lost their lives while attempting to temper out-of-control flames. CrossFit enthusiasts are coming together to bring in funds that will help the families survive and care for their children and loved ones. Many of the Hotshots firefighters were avid members of the CrossFit community and regularly trained at Captain CrossFit, a local center in Prescott. A workout event will be held in their honor at that location on Aug. 31.Rich Froning, the man who holds the ‘Fittest Man on Earth’ title, will lead the workout and to help build awareness.” — CrossFit HQ

We at CrossFit Incendia will support the Hotshot 19, both in Prescott and in Peoria tomorrow. Many members are headed to Prescott to take part in this historic event, but we will also host the Hotshot 19 WOD at Incendia. We have also designed a scaled version for the CrossFit 101/FREE Class. If you would like to take part in the Hotshot 19 event with us, please stop by. CrossFit WODs will be held at 7am and 10am, CrossFit 101/FREE Class will be held at 9am. If you are unable to attend, please consider donating here.

WOD: “Hotshot 19”
Six Round for Time
30 Squats
19 Power Clean (135/19)
7 Strict Pull Ups
400m Run

CrossFit 101/FREE Class
Six Rounds for Time with a Partner
30 Squats
19 Med Ball Cleans (choose load)
7 Jumping/Kipping Pull Ups
400m Run
*1 partner works, 1 partner rests. Both partners run.