By Lisa

The CrossFit Open WODs have been crazy this year, haven’t they? And, 13.5 is some FRANSANITY! Continuing four minute AMRAPS of Fran? Are you kidding me? Ehhh, I’ll go do what I can do (you can do anything for four minutes, right?), but I’m looking ahead to 13.6.

“13.6? There is no 13.6, Blondie!” Oh, yes there is at CrossFit Incendia. Our motto is “Work Hard. Play Harder.” This is one of our “Play Harder” moments.

Join us Sunday, April 7th @ 3 pm at Salty Senorita’s for a game of Hooverball, a NorCal and fellowship. Everyone is welcome: you don’t have to be an Incendia Member to participate in 13.6. A group of us will be leaving the gym at 2:15 pm to ride our bikes to Salty’s. Safety First.

Learn a little more about Hooverball.

Sun’s Out, Guns Out! See you Sunday!