April Athlete of the Month – Sheryl Van Horn

Sheryl Van Horn is beautiful. The first thing you notice about Sheryl is her amazing body. She looks better than most women half her age. When you learn that she is a former pro cheerleader, you are not surprised. 

Then you get to know Sheryl and you realize that she is even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. She is the first to help with the kids around the gym or with planning social events and she is just fun to be around. 

Then you watch her WOD and you think, “Wow! That girl is fierce!” In the 2014 CrossFit Open, Sheryl was 45th in the Southwest Region and 438th in the World for her age group – and this is with less than a year of CrossFit experience under her belt! 

For all these reasons and more, Sheryl was voted unanimously as Incendia’s April Athlete of the Month. An amazing athlete, competitor and friend, we are so proud to have her as part of the Incendia Family. Please join  us on congratulating Sheryl on her accomplishments! — Lisa

When did you start CrossFit:

I started CrossFit in June 2013.  My workouts have evolved over time going from traditional gyms doing step aerobics, spin classes, boot camps and the Insanity challenge.   Yes, cardio cardio cardio!  I was ready for something different.

Why did you start CrossFit: 

In the midst of my 90 day Insanity challenge I was introduced to CrossFit by Dave McDermott.  He knows my passion for exercise and repeatedly had told me, “You’ve gotta try CrossFit, I KNOW you will love it!”  So, I attended a Saturday 101 class and the rest is history.  I was hooked!!!!

What kept you coming back/motivated: 

Exercise/Fitness is very important to me and I’ve been an active person my whole life.   First, I would have to say the CHALLENGE.  I see or hear anything about a challenge and it’s GO TIME!  Second, the WOD’s.  Everyday is a different WOD and there again a new challenge.  Thirdly, the other ATHLETES.  The encouragement from the other athletes is something that can’t be replicated in a traditional gym.  Honestly, I’ve never been around such an awesome community that Incendia represents.  It’s inspiring to watch others set new PR’s and especially inspiring to watch Kristin Broberg in the Open right now.  7 months pregnant.  AMAZEBALLS!   Last, but not least the COACHES.  I can’t say enough about how they’ve helped me.  BV, not a WOD goes by that he isn’t yelling out encouraging words and pushing me to PR.  LISA, an amazing example of a strong woman!  There isn’t a day @ the box I don’t see her multi-tasking @ it’s finest.  LUKE, the technique perfectionist.  Thanks to him, I made it through prep.  He has saved me numerous times correcting my form.  My back thanks you.  HOLLAND, he pushed me to finish my first RX WOD leading into the Open.  It’s been RX weight ever since.  JUSTIN, he genuinely likes to see each and every athlete succeed.  ADRIANNE, her technique/strategy tips seem to hit home with me every time.  AMANDA, you do an amazing job with the teens.  What a role model you are for them.  MATT, the mobility master.  He showed me beneficial exercises to help with my mobility in my shoulders.  PETRIE, continues to build my confidence with his encouragement.  DUSTIN, he was one of the very first coaches I had @ Incendia and was always pushing me through each and every 101 WOD.  ESTEBAN, never seen anyone with more energy.  He’s always got a #/time for me to shoot for and always believes in me.  JASON, he has by far the best warm up drill/dance moves I’ve ever seen.  ANDY, you keep me motivated on accomplishing my muscle up.  Someday I hope to make it look as easy as you do.

What is the best thing you have gotten out of doing CrossFit?  

The best thing I have gotten out of doing CrossFit is taking my fitness to the next level.  I feel healthier and stronger than I have in the 20+ years of working out and can’t wait to keep learning and hitting PR’s.

What is the one thing you have done here that you never thought you could do?

The one thing I have done that I never thought I could do is lift this much weight.  I mentioned earlier I’ve always been a cardio girl.  Look out Ansel, I may catch up to your bench press.

What is one goal you have reached? And one goal you still hope to reach?

One goal I have reached is the butterfly pull-up.  One goal I hope to reach is the muscle up.  Practice Practice Practice

How has your diet changed since starting CrossFit? 

My diet before CrossFit was decent.  However, after starting CrossFit I ‘ve been educated on the correct way to fuel my body.  Ansel and I participated in the paleo challenge last September and PALEO IS THE WAY TO GO!  I try to follow an 80/20 paleo diet because I love the result and the way I feel.  Pre paleo for Ansel, he was on medication for heart issues and Barrett’s esophagus disease.  Since starting paleo,  he no longer has to take the toxic meds.

Additional comments/anything you’d like to add?

I am honored and grateful to have been chosen Incendia’s Athlete of the Month.  Incendia is a first-class facility, where anyone can be successful, and where I look forward to coming to and sweating along with people that I now call friends.



  • Bob camp

    I am Sheryl’s proud father and I can attest to everything she has said. Since a.very young girl she has been very competitive.and displayed confidence in everything she attempted. Probably the most proud attribute she has always.displayed has been her commitment to take the leadership roll in all of her endeavors and done it without any fanfare and was always very successful in accomplishing these goals. These traits made Sheryl a very easy daughter to lead through her life and a daughter in which I am and allways been super proud of. Sheryl keep on doing what you have always done. Love you. Dad