April 17, 2014


CrossFit 101
WOD 1) For Rounds
“Death by Wall Ball”
With a continuously running clock perform:
2 Wall Balls in the first 1 min (20/14)
4 Wall Balls in the second 1 min
6 Wall Balls in the third 1 min
….continuing this for as long as you are able.

WOD 2) For Time
Run 800m

WOD 3) For Reps
2 Minutes of Double Unders

CrossFit Prep
Lifts Learned: Presses (strict/push)

Skills: GHD, Ring Dips, Muscle Ups

CrossFit Endurance
WOD 1) For Time
Row 2000K

WOD 2) For time
Run 2 Miles