Another Year Down: Reflections and Dreams

By Lisa

We just paid our CrossFit Affiliate Fees for the FOURTH time and that officially makes CrossFit Incendia three years old. Looking back, it has all been a blur of great moments, hard work and new friendships. As with any business, CrossFit Incendia wasn’t an overnight success (contrary to popular belief) and it took a little while for it to become the business you see today. It also hasn’t been an easy ride for me, for Brian or for our family, but this process has been worth it every step of the way.

It’s been cool seeing all the other boxes come in with their own version of CrossFit. #community

Brian and I dreamt up CrossFit Incendia in June 2012 on a drive to San Diego where Brian was enrolled in his CrossFit Level 1. Brian was more than four years into his CrossFit experience at that point and he had a dream – which I shared. We weren’t unhappy with our current gym situation at all and we didn’t leave there on bad terms. Rather, we moved across the valley from my native Buckeye, AZ into an area where no other CrossFit boxes were located. We did this very strategically with the intent to teach those unfamiliar with CrossFit all about the magic of the CrossFit Community. We never tried to convert existing CrossFitters to our gym, we never badmouthed other boxes/methodologies and we never hired coaches from the “outside.” (We still don’t).  We’ve always marched to the beat of our own drummer and made many of our business decisions around “doing the right thing.” It’s been an unconventional, but extremely fulfilling way to do business.

Our dreams were big in 2012. The overall theme was that we wanted to create a thriving community where  members had a “home away from home.” We wanted people to “hang out.” (That’s why we installed a kitchen table and a keg). We wanted to create a place where families felt accepted (That’s why we have KidCare and CrossFit Kids). As businesspeople, we wanted to create a space for members to do business with each other. (That’s why we created Incendia Business Connection). One of the things most important to us was having a vehicle for charity endeavors (That’s why we created Project Incendia). Oh, and we wanted to bring top-notch coaching to the Northwest Valley (That’s why all of our 27 coaches have a minimum of a CrossFit L1 and most have advanced certs).follow_your_dreams____by_cryingsoulgirl-d5cpoep

We never intended to become the second largest CrossFit Box in Arizona and the largest in the Northwest Valley, but we’re glad it happened. The reach of the Incendians is known far and wide. We are extremely proud that being and Incendian is synonymous with Integrity, Charity and Family Values. We’re damn good athletes and lifters, too. Being well-rounded as a box suits us and YOU perfectly!

As we sit back today and look to the future of Incendia, things look very bright. We are actively searching new locations that fit well into our expansion plan. You may see an “Incendia” in a location that surprises you as we go back to our original model of under-served areas. We are currently transitioning our gym management software to give users and even better experience. We are working on some upgrades of our facility and we are scouring our schedule to find room for even more classes. One of the most exciting things in the works is the expansion of Incendia Barbell, our USA Weightlifting Club (the first USAW Club in Peoria, AZ).

Stay tuned, Incendians! We plan to continue to knock your socks off for several years to come. Thank you for being part of the family. It’s been an amazing ride and we are honored to know each and every one of you.

Happy Anniversary! Cheers 🙂