And, the results are in! Almost 200 of you participated in our 2015 Incendia Customer Satisfaction and Suggestion Survey. You told us what you love….and what you don’t love….about all things Incendia. We got to see the good, the bad and the ugly! Luckily, there was much more good than bad, but we understand that you would like us to make some tweaks. 

As promised, we are LISTENING to you as we continue to make Incendia the best place in the world to WOD, hangout and create lasting friendships. After all, this is YOUR gym! 

You’re going to see some immediate changes (some have already been put into effect, class changes to come online July 1). 

Sunday Classes: this was by far the biggest request. You will see Yoga, CrossFit, CrossFit 101, Prep and Open Gym on Sundays. KidCare available at 10am and 11am. 

More Yoga: yoga is tough because we have to find a “quieter” time in the gym and it’s got to be a time that’s not already in use. We created our Sunday classes around the new Sunday Yoga class at 10am. 

Later CrossFit Teens Classes: Tuesday & Thursday classes are shifting to 4pm on July 1. 

More Towels: done!

More Open Gym: we’ve added Open Gym time Monday through Friday and Sunday. 

More Prep Time: we’ve added two more Prep Classes, one in the evening and one on Sunday morning. 

An additional CrossFit 101 on Saturdays: we know it’s crowded for the OG’s at 9am. We’ve added 101 in at 7am just for you. 

6:30am CrossFit 101: now you early birds have a second class option.

“Clean” Music: we’ve placed explicit filters on the music. 

More Social Events: Laughton Team/Incendia Happy Hours at Arrowhead Grill kick off on July 3rd and continue every Tuesday thereafter for the summer. We are currently planning a Casino Night and another Comedy Show, among other fun Incendia Events. 

Controlled KidCare Ratios: done. We hired extra staff and frequently place two team members on duty each class time. 

Better Information on the Website: our new site is almost complete and it will knock your socks off! 

Better New Member Introduction: we are switching management systems July 1 in an effort to communicate better with everyone that walks through the front door from first timer to OG. 

Paleo Challenge: new challenge kicks off July 6th! 

Coaching Consistency: we are moving to a full-time coach format on August 1. 

Showers: we are receiving bids on adding two showers (and a coffee bar) now. 

Front Desk Staff: we are creating a front desk position and it will go live as soon as possible. 

new scheduleWe are so thankful to everyone that took the time to give us your feedback. We promise that we will not wait another almost-three-years to ask your opinion again! We’ve got some really big plans in store for Incendia….which include another location or two and facility improvements. We hope that you’ll be pleased with all the new choices and all the cool stuff that Incendia offers.