Dustin Dionne

Last July my best friend came to me with this crazy idea called CrossFit. Shortly thereafter, every day at work was the same old WOD “this” or WOD “that” and I couldn’t get him to stop. Initially I chalked up his ranting to another workout fad. Luckily, I found Incendia in November of 2012 when a FaceBook friend joined. I still remember my first day and the dreaded “Dirty 30.” Needless to say, I promptly joined club “pukie!”

Growing up I was always involved in sports and competitions, but poor diet and lack of direction always left me feeling short of the level I wanted to reach. In 2006 I was hired by the Phoenix Police Department and after eighteen weeks of running and conditioning found myself in what I thought was pretty good shape. During a snowboarding trip in March of 2011 I suffered a shoulder injury that led to surgery. Following the surgery I joined the NRA “Never Run Again” club and forgot what the inside of a gym looked like. I was out of shape and overweight and couldn’t find a program or diet that kept my interest for more than a couple weeks.

I can honestly say without a doubt, CrossFit Incendia has changed my life. The community Brian and Lisa created has taken me on such a positive journey. Whether it is motivating me through a workout or inspiring me to reach beyond what I think is possible, it’s hard to not be smiling when I leave our box. Very early I knew CrossFit was something I wanted to be involved with and after completing the Level 1 CrossFit Trainer course there is no turning back.

As the sport of fitness continues to evolve I look forward to sharing in the camaraderie and community with each of you. My goal is to share my passion with everyone willing to listen and make sure everyone has the tools to maximize their potential. With CrossFit we can unleash the Supple Leopard in all of you!

  • CrossFit 101 Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Phoenix Police Officer