Carson Coffman

Collegiate baseball first introduced me to high-intensity workouts, Olympic lifting, plyometric training and challenged me every day. After coming home from playing ball, I found myself searching for something that was competitive and would challenge me physically and mentally. My wife and I were regulars at the Globo gym and we would go through phases like most people do…not show up to workout for weeks at a time, finding excuses not to go, and finding little to no results on our own.

A good friend of mine was in great shape and did bodybuilding competitions. I was thinking I would also love to look great and be fit. I ditched my wife to train with him and that’s when my wife started at Incendia. Next thing you know, I was convinced to do a men’s physique competition to be in what “I thought would be the best shape of my life.” No, I did not wear a Speedo ladies, but I found myself working out 7 days a week – sometimes twice a day – eating nothing but chicken, rice and broccoli for months on end. I was grumpy all the time and just flat-out tired. The wife was definitely not happy with what I was doing. The day of the competition, I stepped on stage in my board shorts and looked amazing, but felt absolutely terrible. I thought…is this what being fit feels like? I told my wife I would never do bodybuilding again and she convinced me to come work out with her at Incendia.

No kidding, the competition was on Friday and I walked into Incendia on Monday thinking I was in great shape from working out 7 days a week…Wrong! Still orange from my spray tan, I watched my wife beat me in the WOD. How embarrassing! I was blown away because all of that hard work got me nowhere except for looking good and I was not going to let my wife beat me ever again. Haha, she did plenty of times, but I knew what I found was special. The people we were surrounded by were so encouraging and the coaches truly wanted you to become a better athlete. The coaches took the time to teach us the proper techniques and pushed us every day. From that day forward, my lifestyle completely changed for the better because of Incendia and CrossFit. I can truly say I am in the best shape in my life because everything we do in CrossFit is measurable. I feel great, plenty of energy, and I look forward to working out every day.  I am so thankful to get to share everything I have learned in my life’s journey by coaching at Incendia.

  • CrossFit Coach
  • CrossFit 101 Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer