Crossfit Incendia Programs & Classes

Our general CrossFit memberships are separated into two categories based on an individual’s experience and ability with CrossFit Programming. They are: CrossFit and CrossFit 101. Quite simply, CrossFit 101 is the beginner version of the advanced CrossFit Program.

We have classes in place to help guide your transition and we’ll teach you everything you need to know in a non-intimidating, low-pressure environment. In CrossFit 101, we will teach you the necessary lifts and skills to enter an advanced CrossFit class or allow you to stay in CrossFit 101 —  if that is your desire. It’s 100% up to you. This is your fitness program, not ours.

With safety in mind, we never throw a beginner into our advanced CrossFit classes and put them under load on their first day. Rather than only offer complicated instruction in a two to three week “On Ramp” or “Foundations” course prior to turning you loose on advanced CrossFit programming, we structure our programs so that every new member can start CrossFit-style workouts on their first day, at their own level and progress at their own rate. A couple of weeks may not be long enough to learn advanced strength and gymnastics skills for some. For others, a couple of weeks of reviewing fundamentals is too long. Your progress is individual and not according to our schedule.

Flexibility is key and our programs are designed so that you can come to any class in your level offered during the day – no reservations required. We have taken the best part of private training (which is the personalized attention and coaching) with the best part of a group class (which is the energy and motivation) and combined them into the one program that best suits your needs. No gimmicks or diets or elliptical machines….just proven methods for getting individuals strong, fast and fit.

In addition to our regular CrossFit and CrossFit 101 Classes, all Incendians can attend our USA Weightlifting Barbell Class, Endurance, Gymnastics, Mobility, Open Gym, Strongman and Yoga – FOR FREE – as part of their Monthly Memberships. We also offer CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Teens programming for athletes ages six to 18 years.

If you’d like to check out our gym or our programs, just arrive 15 minutes early to any CrossFit or CrossFit 101. There is no need to call ahead and let us know you’re coming – just show up!

We are always asked which class would be most appropriate for an individual’s level of experience: CrossFit or CrossFit 101. If you have current CrossFit experience, you are welcome to drop-in to one of our regular CrossFit Classes. We’ll work with you when you arrive to see which WOD better suits you for that day: CrossFit or CrossFit 101. If you are new to CrossFit, you’ll want to pick CrossFit 101. These classes are appropriate for all levels (but, not easy!) and geared towards beginners.

Your first workout is always free!