Our Membership Pricing


Never tried CrossFit before? Looking for a new gym? We invite you to CrossFit Incendia for a FREE class. Come and explore the benefits of CrossFit and what Incendia has to offer.

Our Programs & Classes

CrossFit / SWEAT Barbell Club / Barbell Babes / Incendia Body / EnduranceGymnasticsStrongman

Monthly Memberships

All monthly memberships are month-to-month, with no contracts or sign-up fees required. Monthly memberships automatically renew on the 1st day of every month. Seven days written notice is required for cancellation of all monthly memberships.

  • CrossFit Unlimited
    $150 Monthly
    • Unlimited access to all our Classes
    $125 Monthly
    • Mix and Match any 3 Classes per Week


10-Class Punch Cards expire one year from date of purchase and are not transferable.

  • Daily Rates
    • Access to all our classes
  • Weekly Rates
    • Access to all our classes
  • Punch Cards
    • 10 Classes
  • CrossFit Kids
    • 10 Classes


Pre-paid memberships are non-refundable.

  • 6 Months Unlimited
    • Paid up front
  • 1 Year Unlimited
    • Paid up front


Limit is two hours per day per child, Reservations required.




Are you going to be in town for a few days and want to get in a few workouts at CrossFit Incendia?
As long as you are a current member at an Affiliated CrossFit Gym from anywhere around the world, you can drop in to ANY of our General CrossFit or CrossFit 101 Classes.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to meet the coach and fill out a waiver. All you need to do is show up.
You don’t need to register for a class ahead of time or call ahead!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Visiting for 1 Day: FREE!
  • Visiting for 2-7 Days: $25 per day or $50 for a week of classes
  • Visiting for 8+ Days: Please email info@crossfitincendia.com

The Important Stuff (Read This!)

  • We offer a 10% monthly discount for Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, Teachers, Nurses and College Students. (Any other individual not listed will pay regular price.)
  • We offer monthly family plans at a 10% discount for two in the same immediate family. We offer monthly family plans at a 15% discount for three or more in the same immediate family. There are no discounts on punch cards or INCENDIA3 memberships.
  • CrossFit Affiliate Members are always welcome at Incendia. Your first visit is always free and there is no need to call ahead – just show up. Please take a look at the WOD to decide if you should attend a CrossFit or CrossFit 101 Class.
  • We have a generous Membership Referral Program. For every person that you refer, you will receive one free month once that person has been a member for three full months.
  • All members start with the CrossFit 101 classes unless you “test out” into CrossFit with a coach. Unless you have Olympic Lifting experience and/or you currently are a 5-day per week CrossFitter, the 101 Class is the best place for you to begin.
  • Kids are welcome and they will LOVE our supervised Incendia KidCare. Please note, children are only allowed in the KidCare area while staffed. Children are not allowed in the main gym at any time unless participating in CrossFit Kids Classes or accompanies by a parent.
  • There are no contracts and all memberships are month-to-month. Membership fees are charged automatically on the 1st of each month by credit/debit/EFT/ACH. You must give seven days written notice to cancel or make membership changes prior to the first of the month or you will be charged for that month. No exceptions.
  • You may freeze your membership for up to three months in a calendar year. If you freeze in excess of three months, you will need to re-join at current class rates when you decide to return to Incendia.

*Discounts cannot be combined. Highest discount available is applied.