September 9, 2017

Conditioning: AMRAP
Death by back Squat
*With a continuously running clock perform:
1 Back Squat, 225 lbs in the first 1 min,
2 Back Squats, 225 lbs in the second 1 min
3 Back Squats, 225 lbs in the third 1 min
*Continuing this for as long as you are able.
*Female – 155#

Conditioning: For Time
*Teams of 2 (One partner working at a time)
For time:
100 Air Squats
100 Cal Assault Bike
100 Air Squats
*75 cals for female teams


Metcon (Time)
50 Rounds
Clean and Jerk
Rx 135/95
“Graceabel”, an extended version of Grace and Isabel combined.
Metcon (Time)
5 Rounds
10 calorie Row
10 Pull Ups
20 Push Ups
30 Air Squats
Metcon (Time)
50 Stone/Sandbag
Ground to Shoulder
*every 10 reps, front carry 50′
(post load in comments)
Wilmot (Time)
6 Rounds for time of:
50 Squats
25 Ring Dips
In honor of Canadian Forces Private Colin Wilmot, 24, of Fredericton, NB, died on July 6, 2008
To learn more about Wilmot click here
Metcon (No Measure)
50s Super Pump Fun finisher
50 curls
50 overhead press
50 upright row
All empty bar (or add 5-10 pounds) and try to go unbroken on each movement.