September 23, 2017

Conditioning: For Time
CF Linchpin 170915
42 Wall Balls
21 Back Squats (205/145)
30 Wall Balls
15 Front Squats
18 Wall Balls
9 Overhead Squats

Conditioning: AMRAP x 21:00
45 Med Ball Tosses
45 Overhead 20″ Step Ups (with med ball)
45 Med Ball Sit Ups (Over box)
45 Calorie Ass Bike!
Sub Rower if not enough bikes

Option 1
200 American KB swings every drop 10 cal assault bike 70/53

Option 2
Death by crossfit total
Back squat
Shoulder press
On a running clock you will start with on deadlift 1st min, 2 deadlifts second min, 3 deadlifts 3rd min…
Until you cannot complete reps for min.
Then 2 min rest
Then repeat same rep scheme for back squat
2 min rest
Then same rep scheme for shoulder press
All weights 80% of last cf total

6 rounds for time of:
24 squats
24 push ups
24 walking lunge
400 meter run