September 16, 2017

Weightlifting: Back Squat
*Back Squat to a heavy single, then 80% for 5×3
Conditioning: For Time
Deadlifts 225/185
Handstand Push ups
Wallballs 20/14
Toes to Bar
*RX+ 275/205 for Deadlifts

Conditioning: AMRAP x 20:00
200m Run
10 Burpees
10 Med Ball Sit Ups
10 Dumbbell or KB Push Press
*Choose load

Conditioning: For Time
Strongman Mile
200M of each event then do 3 more 200M walks of your choice for a total of 1600M.
Barbell on back (BW)
KB farmers walk 70/53
Sled Push 180/90 load
Barbell Overhead (1/2 BW)
Front Carry (Heavy Object)
*can be done in any order, post loads/object in comments.
Conditioning: 7 Rounds for Reps
Seven Heaven
25/15 Calorie Row
Max Jerk Reps Rx 135/95
Rx+ 185/135
(Seven 2 minute rounds, score is Max Jerk reps completed each round. Rest 1 minute between rounds)
Conditioning: AMRAP x 20:00
With a partner, complete as many rounds as possible in 26 minutes of:
6 deadlifts, 315 lb., each
9 bar-facing burpees, synchronized
9 bar muscle-ups, each
55-ft. partner barbell carry, 315 lb.
*Post rounds completed to comments.
*Operator Cpl. Kevin van de Rijdt, 26, of the Netherlands, died Sept. 6, 2009, during heavy combat in Afghanistan. He was a member of Special Forces (Korps Commando Troepen) Task Force 55 within the Netherlands Armed Forces.