October 26, 2017

Rest Day!

Conditioning: AMRAP x 15:00
200m Run
250m Row

Conditioning: AMRAP (Reps)
Strong Fight Gone Bad
5 Rounds
1 min Cal Row or Bike
1 min KB Snatch
1 min Goblet Squat
1 min Push Ups
1 Min Rest
Rx 53/35
Rx+ 70/53
Score is total reps, note Row or Bike in comments
Conditioning: For Time
Deficit Push Ups or Pull ups
20M Single Dumbbell overhead carry after each round.
*note choice of push ups or pull ups and dumbbell load in comments. Hands on 45# plates for push ups. *side note, if you are feeling like a B.A., do both push ups and pull ups, just note that in comments.

Conditioning: For Time
5k Run

3 sets of each couplet, increasing in weight (if applicable)

15 Goblet Squats, DB
15 Push Ups (use appropriate scale or progression)

20 Glute Bridge Marches
10 Ring Rows

10 Lateral Lunges R
10 Lateral Lunges L
10 Front/Lat raise – alternating

Finisher: 2 continuous rounds
30 sec air squats, last 10 sec hold
30 sec jumping jacks
30 sec full plank hand reaches
30 sec jump squats
30 sec forearm plank hold

Snatch Balance (3 Sets of 2)
Work up to 75% of Snatch Max

Pause Snatch
2 Seconds Below Knee
60% for 2×2; 65% for 2×2; 70% for 2×1; 75% for 1; 80% for 1

Snatch Pull (5 Sets of 3 Reps)
100% of Snatch Max

Back Squat (5 Sets of 5 Reps)
Same weight across – 75% of 1RM