July 20, 2017

Rest Day!

Skill: Rope Climbs and Toes to Bar
Conditioning: AMRAP x 20:00
Min 1 – Box Jumps (24/20)
Min 2 – Kettlebell Swings (35/53)
Min 3 – Toes to Bar
Min 4 – Rope Climbs
Min 5 – Rest
Log total reps for ALL movements combined.

Metcon (Time)
Bench press 135/95
Slam Ball 40/25
DB Shrugs AHAP
(RX+ 185/135 Bench)
Yoke walk
work up to AHAP 50′ walk
Farmers carry
Work up AHAP 50′ farmers/Frame carry
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
Tire flip
1 minute Max tire flips

“Sgt. Slaughter” (9 Rounds for time)
3 Rounds of:
1 minute to complete: 100 yard sprint (50 yards out and back)
2 minutes to complete: 200 yard sprint (100 yards out and back)
3 minutes to complete: 300 yard sprint (50 yards and back, 100 yards and back)
At 3.2.1 Go run 50 yards and back as fast as possible. At the 1 minute mark, sprint 100 yards and back. At the 3 minute mark sprint to the 50 and back, then the 100 and back. That is one round. At the 6 minute mark begin round 2. Record times for all 9 intervals. These should be all-out efforts.
One hand must touch at each turn around.

3 sets of:
lunge taps 12-15/side
floor press 12-12
glute bridge, shoulders and feet elevated 12-15
DB row, right and left 12-15/side
DB pull over 12-15
alternating lat/front raises 10 each direction
Finisher :45 work/ :15 rest
plank jacks
plank hand reach
flutter kicks
side plank rolls