Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. Do I need to “be in shape” to CrossFit?

A.  No. Our workouts and exercises can be scaled to any level of fitness. If you can move, you can do CrossFit. We’ve had everyone from grandmothers to kids and couch potatoes to elite athletes go through our program. They’ve all found great success with CrossFit. You will, too.

Q. What is RX?

A.  RX refers to performing a WOD at the prescribed weight, repetition and/or time.

Q. What’s a snatch?

A.  No, it’s not a dirty word. The snatch is an Olympic Lift where the barbell is lifted from the ground to overhead in a smooth continuous movement.

Q. What if I’m too inimidated to work with barbells?

A. We’ll teach you everything you need to know in CrossFit 101. You’ll be alongside others who are just learning their lifts as well. It will be a comfortable learning environment, taught by a Coach that has gone through the same experience you are going through. We also offer Incendia Barbell every Monday-Wednesday and Friday from 4-6pm and Saturdays from 11am-12pm so that you can get extra practice.

Q. If I can’t do a movement in a WOD, should I skip that WOD?

A. Hell-to-the-no! The only way you are going to get better at any of the CrossFit movements is by doing the movements. We’ll make fun of you for “cherry-picking” your WODs to help encourage you to do the difficult WODs, too.

Q. How does CrossFit work?

A.  We perform functional movements (i.e. the way the body actually moves) that are constantly varied with high intensity. We combine elements of boot camp workouts, gymnastics, Olympic weight lifting, rowing, running and more to give you a total body workout in less than an hour. CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program that makes you a leaner, stronger, faster and more toned version of yourself.

Q. Can I try CrossFit Incendia for free?

A.  Absolutely! You get a week of CrossFit Incendia for FREE! Just show up to any CrossFit 101 class on the schedule, come to our Free/101 Class on Saturday mornings at 9 am or sign up here. There is no need to call in advance, but if you want to get your waiver out of the way you’ll get a giant gold star. Easy peasy.

Q. What about nutrition? I hear CrossFitters talk about this Paleo thing. What is it?

A. We believe in whole food nutrition at Incendia – meaning we believe in a diet comprised of whole foods and a natural lifestyle. We also practice flexible dieting for portion control. We truly believe in this lifestyle and diet modifications, when necessary. We’ll teach you from our experience and recommend resources that will help you learn how to nourish your body the way it was designed to be fed. Please talk to us about your nutrition questions!

Q. I’m out of High School, can I come to the CrossFit Teens Class?

A.  No. The class is designed only for high school students. Adults should attend CrossFit or CrossFit 101 classes. Conversely, all teens should attend the CrossFit Teens Class unless cleared by their coaches to move into CrossFit (at age 16 or older).

Q. Why should I choose CrossFit Incendia over other gyms in the area?

A. We promise to offer a fun, welcoming, professional environment and a knowledgeable staff that is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals – whether those goals include elite performance training, weightlifting, competitions, weight loss, or an intro to CrossFit fitness. Whether you consider yourself an athlete or a couch potato, you’ll fit in at Incendia. Our coaches will make sure that you inspired, motivated, and held accountable in ways that will not only surprise you, but will change your life. Our coaches are certified, experienced and CrossFit athletes themselves with over 80+ years combined CrossFit experience. We care about our members and we will make sure that you safely and effectively get the most out of your CrossFit program.

We also offer 120 class times each week that include CrossFit, CrossFit 101, CrossFit Teens, CrossFit Kids, Barbell Club, Yoga, Endurance, Gymnastics, Strongman, Matt’s MOB(ility), CrossFit Competitor and Open Gym. Not to mention, we offer supervised KidCare services. You won’t find that in any other CrossFit box within a 15-mile radius….guaranteed.

If you are looking for something different in your fitness routine, try Incendia. You’ll find more than just a gym inside these walls.

Q. I’m going on vacation. Do you have any ideas for workouts I can do while on the road?

A. Yes we do! Check out Incendia’s Travel WODs.

Q. I am in town visiting and I’ve done CrossFit for so long, I can kip in my sleep. Can I come to one of your CrossFit classes?

A.  We welcome CrossFitters from all over the world. You work out your first time for free. We may ask you to show us the lift we are doing in the day’s WOD just to make sure everything is good, but other than that, just show up a couple minutes early to any class on the schedule.

Q. I’m in good shape already. I do Bootcamp/P90X/Insanity/Circuit Training or I did CrossFit at another box. Why do I have to start in CrossFit 101 or “Test Out” of it?

A.  We believe that technique is the gateway to and foundation of our advanced CrossFit Classes. You must be able to perform all your lifts safely and have knowledge of the gymnastic movements to advance to our CrossFit classes. Unfortunately, not all CrossFit gyms are created equal, so even if you are currently a 5-day-a-week-CrossFitter, you will still need to show us your lifts and skills to become a member of our advanced CrossFit classes. We’ve seen some pretty crazy and unsafe techniques utilized by those that have attended other CrossFit gyms and must ensure that you are safe in our classes.  Please understand that there is no guarantee that you will pass the test just because you request it. If we suggest that you stay in CrossFit 101 for a few weeks, it is because we truly care about your health, fitness and safety.

Q. What is a WOD?

A. This is the abbreviation for Workout of the Day and how we refer to our daily workouts. Every class does the same WOD on a particular day. We put the WODs on Facebook, our website and Wodify the night before.

Q. Do I workout on my own or do I have a personal trainer?

A.  Neither. You will have a coach and a class full of like-minded people to help you through the workouts. At CrossFit Incendia, each instructor-led, group fitness class is led by at least one CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coach. You’ll feel the competitiveness and camaraderie every class brings as you train in an environment that encourages fun and hard work. Your Coach is not a “Personal Trainer.” They won’t count your reps, load your bars or get your equipment out for you (that is your job). They also won’t allow you to “do your own thing.” We do everything in a group environment (with the exception of Open Gym time on Thursdays). Expect to receive expert coaching along with the motivation and accountability that a group setting naturally encourages.

Q. I’m a woman. Will CrossFit make me bulky?

A. There is a common misconception that lifting weights will give women massive shoulders, huge arms and tLisa on the barshick legs. Women will not get big, bulky muscles because they just don’t have the hormones to build them. With CrossFit, you will have better tone and build lean muscle mass, but you will still look feminine….we promise!

Q. My child is in 12 years old, can he/she come to the CrossFit Teens Class?

A.  No. The class is designed only for teenagers. We program our CrossFit Kids and Teens classes specifically for the development of the athlete. Children should attend a CrossFit Kids class.

Q. Can my kids come with me?

A. YES! The owners of CrossFit Incendia have two kids (a nine-year old and a four-year old). We know how important it is to keep up your own training as an athlete, while living the reality of being a parent. Your kids are welcome at Incendia and they may never want to leave! We offer supervised KidCare during the most popular class times (M/T/W/F: 8am to 10am, 12pm to 1pm and 4pm to 7pm. Th: 8am to 10am, 12pm to 1pm and 5pm to 7pm. Sat: 9am to 11am. Sun: 10am to 12pm). The KidCare area is air-conditioned, stocked with toys, Netflix and wi-fi. All KidCare Team Members have been background checked and CPR/First Aid Certified. For everyone’s s safety, kids are only allowed in the KidCare area during supervised hours and are not allowed in the main gym unless they are attending a CrossFit Kids Class. The cost for Incendia KidCare is $25 per month per family or $3 per child per drop-in session.

Q. How often should I attend classes?

A.  You should plan to attend CrossFit 101 at least three times per week, but no more than five times per week. You should plan to attend CrossFit five times per week. We offer Open Gym on Thursdays so you can made up a WOD or work on skills, but we absolutely want you to rest on Sundays.

Q. What’s it going to cost me?

A.  CrossFit 101 is $120 per month, CrossFit Prep is $135 per month (includes CrossFit 101), CrossFit is $150 per month, CrossFit Teens is $100 per month and CrossFit Kids is $80 for 10 sessions. Regular Monthly Memberships include Open Gym Time, CrossFit Yoga and CrossFit Endurance Classes. Check out our Programs page for more info on class type and various discounts. (All membership dues are required to be paid by credit or debit card on file. Memberships are month-to-month. You pay on the first of the month for the month. If you join mid-month, the cost is pro-rated.)

Q. What if I think my child is “too advanced” for CrossFit Kids?

A.  Your child should be enrolled in an age-appropriate class. The beauty of CrossFit is that it’s all about intensity for adults and kids. We promise, your mini- competitive soccer player/volleyballer/football player will be challenged in CrossFit Kids classes.

Q. What’s the difference between CrossFit, CrossFit 101, CrossFit Prep and CrossFit?

A.  CrossFit classes are advanced, with intense complex workouts. You will work with barbells and come to class five times a week. You must “Test Into” regular CrossFit or be moved up from CrossFit Prep. Because of the complexity of the program, most athletes will not begin in regular CrossFit, unless you are already a regular CrossFitter or have an Olympic Lifting background. Don’t worry – we will teach you what you need to know to advance to CrossFit.

CrossFit 101 is our introductory program, where you’ll be introduced to intense cardiovascular workouts. You will mostly do bodyweight exercises and learn the proper mechanics of CrossFit functional movements. Don’t be fooled into thinking these workouts are easy, because they can be made as difficult as one could imagine. The workouts can also be scaled to any level of fitness. If you can stand, you can do a 101 workout. Classes are three times per week plus Saturdays.

CrossFit Prep is a complement to CrossFit 101. In CrossFit Prep, you’ll learn the lifts/movements necessary to do the regular CrossFit classes safely and effectively. You’ll learn Olympic Lifts (snatch/clean & jerk), begin Strength Training (squat/press/deadlift/etc.), and work on Gymnastics Movements (handstand push up/rope climb/muscle ups/etc.).  There is no WOD in Prep. This class is 100% skill training.

CrossFit Teens is a CrossFit-based Strength and Conditioning Program for High School Athletes in their off-season. Athletes will learn proper weightlifting mechanics and WOD each class time. Our Student Athletes will learn about healthy nutrition, respect, dedication, desire and motivation in a supportive, disciplined environment. Classes meet three times per week.

Q. How do I become a member?

A.  Just come in and sign up. The process takes two minutes.