CrossFit classes are advanced, with intense and complex workouts. In these Instructor-Led Group Fitness Classes, you will find extensive strength training (Olympic Lifting), body weight mastery (Gymnastics), metabolic conditioning (WODs), and proper recovery methods (Mobility), resulting in high levels of skill & coordination, strength, speed, power and endurance.

Our CrossFit classes are not beginner-level. Unless you have prior CrossFit experience, you will begin in and “move up” from CrossFit 101. For safety reasons, athletes do not generally begin in our CrossFit Classes unless they have previous CrossFit or Olympic lifting experience. That’s OK…we’ll teach you everything you need to know to CrossFit safely and at your own level of experience! Classes meet six days per week from times ranging from 5:30am to 7:00pm with “Rest Days” on Thursdays.

Rate is $150 per month unlimited or $125 per month for three classes per week or 10 sessions for $135. (Includes CrossFit 101 and all Incendia Specialty Classes)