CrossFit 101

CrossFit 101 is designed for those new to CrossFit or for those who need a refresher on their Olympic Lifts or Gymnastic Skills required for regular CrossFit Classes. We remove the intimidation factor that is many times associated with CrossFit and break down the movements, step-by-step, so that anyone can take part in our classes. Each instructor-led class will cover skills, strength-building and metabolic conditioning (“the workout”).

“101″ workouts are great for beginners because they focus on movement quality rather than intensity, but……”101″ workouts are not easy and they are not just for beginners. Like all of our workout options, these workouts are scalable and can be made as difficult as one could imagine. You can stay in 101 forever or move up to CrossFit when you are ready. It’s your program and the choice is yours. CrossFit 101 is a pre-requisite for entry into our regular CrossFit classes, unless you test out or are a current CrossFitter from another Affiliate. Classes meet daily, Monday through Sunday. 

Rate is $150 per month unlimited or $125 per month for three classes per week or 10 sessions for $135. (Includes CrossFit and all Incendia Specialty Classes)